go and make Disciples of all nations

Ministry:  Rabboni Centre Ministries

Portfolio:  Founder/ Senior Teacher/ Pastor

5fold Office: Teacher

Gifts: Prophecy/ Healing/ Teaching


Pastor Lesegoreturn to Trueversereturn to Trueverse

We have seen God revealing Miracle signs and wonders when a prophet is born . Taking to notion the likes of Jeremiah ,John the Baptist and recently William Brenham and many other men of God in the Last days. As with pastor Lesego, it was not different .

It was at 6:00 in the morning Tuesday ,when Pastor Lesego's Mother had a visitation. There came a voice on both her ears; a voice not that of man saying you will be blessed with a baby boy by Wednesday. Her father (in-Law) who was very sick, also told Pastor Lesego’s Mother days before that he will not pass on until the child is born.

It was 1972, May 15 and, as according to the words of prophecy the birth of Pastor Lesego happened exactly, as a sign to the family that God is with them and would guide and intervene in the Child’s life. After the father in law heard the good news he named him Daniel (The name Daniel was not used because his brother was named Daniel) instead he was named Lesego (A Blessing). The father–in-law passed on shortly after the birth of the his grandson.
He grew up in Garankuwa Zone 5 (A Township North of Pretoria/ Tshwane—South Africa) like any other child until he finished his tertiary education. But God guided him to His plan & purpose, and today we are reaping the fruits of those words back in 1972.


He Started the ministry after having being with the Lord for a very long time. Senior Pastor and Teacher Pastor Lesego grew more in the Lord and started to realize his gifts from God. The Gift of Healing the sick, Prophesying and Teaching the word .

He has Been In Full-Time Ministry Since 1999, Under Supervision Of different Men Of God ,who paved the way for him to start the ministry. He Founded Rabboni Centre Ministries In Nov 2002.

Pastor Lesego got Married to a beautiful wife Gretta Mosuoe and they have being blessed with two daughters.

It was great testimony that he had to be called Senior Teacher Pastor Lesego so that he will do what the Lord has called him to do.

Pastor Lesego’s journey in the ministry was not without challenges. At one time he was faced with a circumstance where pastors conspired against an event he planned and spread negative energy/ rumours about him. The event was cancelled and he had to make a hubling apology to the public. However, the spirit of forgiveness led him free from the trap of the circumstance.



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